Putin tops Forbes’ power ranking

WHO would you name as the most powerful and influential person in the whole world?

For a second year in a row, Russian (俄羅斯的) President Vladimir Putin (普京) has beaten Barack Obama (奧巴馬) to the title of world’s most powerful leader as ranked by the US (美國) business magazine Forbes (《福布斯》).

Putin stays on top after Russia (俄羅斯) annexed Crimea (克里米亞), stoked a conflict in Ukraine (烏克蘭) and clinched a multi-billion-dollar gas pipeline deal with China that Forbes called the world’s largest construction project.

It was the third time in Obama’s presidency that he has lost top billing – twice to Putin and once to Chinese (中國的) leader Xi Jinping (習近平).

Third prize went to Xi, who is expected to rule for a decade in which China is set to eclipse the United States (美國) as the world’s largest economy.

Pope Francis (方濟各) was number four and German (德國的 ) Chancellor Angela Merkel (默克爾) number five.

Among 12 newcomers are Indian (印度的) Prime Minister Narendra Modi (莫迪) at number 15, Alibaba (阿里巴巴) founder – and China’s richest man – Jack Ma (馬雲) at number 30, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (巴格達迪), the self-proclaimed caliph of the Islamic State (伊斯蘭國) group at number 54. Six of the top 72 are from China.