HK grads should be global citizens

HONG KONG graduates are expected to be global citizens able to work anywhere, an education forum of 10 presidents of universities and institutions heard last Wednesday.

University of Hong Kong (HKU, 香港大學) vice chancellor Peter Mathieson (馬斐森) said, “We shouldn’t be producing graduates just for Hong Kong, just for China (中國). We should produce graduates for the world.”

Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK, 香港中文大學) president Joseph Sung Jao-yiu (沈祖堯 ) added, “We want to train our students not only to find a job in Hong Kong [but to] play a role ... anywhere in the world.”

Sung also said students should retain uniqueness and traditions, as “internationalisation is not McDonaldisation (麥當勞化)”. He added, “No matter how great and rich a university is, how high the ranking is, the most important thing is the talents they contribute to a society.”

Albert Chan Sun-chi (陳新滋 ) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU, 香港浸會大學) and Simon Ho Shun-man (何順文) of Hang Seng Management College (恒生管理學院) said graduates do not have to be the highest earners to contribute to a society.

“Of course a well-paid job is good,” Chan said, but graduates using knowledge for society and to benefit more people “is what’s most important”.

Ho said the college is not a ‘training ground for careers’ but for society.

(The Standard, 23 October 2014)