Fines for any sports park delay

HONG Kong will finally have a mega sports park in four years as the government revealed a series of stringent penalties to ensure the HK$30 billion project is completed on time.
A groundbreaking ceremony for the Kai Tak Sports Park (啟德體育園) was held on 23 April. It is set to become the crown jewel of sporting venues in Hong Kong.
For any delays, Kai Tak Sports Park Ltd, the company responsible, will have to pay a daily fine of HK$4.3 million, says a document the government sent to lawmakers.
“Subject to any extension of time granted, the time for operational acceptance is 1,640 days (ie, 54 months) from the commencement of the contract (ie, 1 February 2019). Kai
Tak Sports Park Ltd is obliged to pay liquidated damages of HK$4.3 million per day if there is any delay in completion of works,” the paper said.
The 28-hectare site in Kai Tak will integrate sporting venues with retail, wellness, recreational and community spaces.
The main stadium, designed to accommodate 50,000 spectators, has a retractable roof and a pitch that can host football and rugby matches.
The project also includes a public sports ground for hosting school events and local football league games. The ground will be open to the public daily so that they can jog and
exercise for free.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 01 May 2019)

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