‘Sherlock Holmes’ dog cloned

SCIENTISTS in Yunnan (雲南省) have cloned what they called the “Sherlock Holmes of police dogs” in a programme they hope will help cut training times and costs for police dogs, state media reported.
The dog, named Kunxun (昆勳), was cloned from a police sniffer dog by the Beijing-based Sinogene Biotechnology Company (希諾谷) and the Yunnan Agricultural University (雲南農業大學).
Beijing Police Dog Base officials told China Daily (中國日報) around 35 percent of all police dog candidates wash out before entering service.
But Kunxun might have an edge over other dogs because it is a clone of a veteran police dog named Huahuangma (化煌馬), who is serving in the city of Pu’er (普洱市), in Yunnan province.
The seven-year-old canine has helped crack dozens of murder cases, hence the reference to Sherlock Holmes.
Kunxun, now three months old, will undergo extensive training in drug detection, crowd control and searching for evidence, and will become a fully fledged police dog when it is about 10 months old.
Sinogene is hoping it is possible to achieve “volume production” of cloned police dogs in order to significantly reduce training times, but cloning costs remain a major obstacle.
South Korea (南韓) created the world’s first cloned dog in 2005 and is using cloned dogs to sniff out drugs.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 28 March 2019)

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