UN criticises HK human rights

A STAGGERING 14 countries raised concerns or made recommendations on Hong Kong’s human rights issues at the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (聯合國人權理事會) meeting in Geneva (日內瓦) on 15 March.
The city caught global attention in recent months, following the ban of the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party (香港民族黨) and disqualifications of several candidates from elections.
Australia (澳洲) called for Hong Kong to “uphold the rights, freedoms and rule of law embodied in the one country, two systems framework”.
France (法國) suggested that both the Chinese and Hong Kong governments should “guarantee the freedom of expression, assembly and association including in Hong Kong”.
Canada (加拿大) wanted to ensure the right of Hongkongers to take part in government without distinction of any kind, while Croatia (克羅地亞) suggested legislation to implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The Philippines (菲律賓) and Indonesia (印尼) weighed in on the labour issue, pressing the SAR government to safeguard working conditions.
In response, the government said most recommendations are “being or already implemented”. But human rights activists were unhappy about the response, saying it meant the government is not going to do anything.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 25 March 2019)

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