‘Anyone’ mascot grows popular

THE blue character launched by the Fire Services Department (FSD, 消防處), ‘Anyone’, (任何仁) has sparked a series of parodies, not just from netizens, but also various groups including Red Cross (紅十字會) and the Environmental Protection Department (EPD, 環保署).
The character shot to fame after the FSD launched a new division to teach citizens how to react in emergency situations, with the message that ‘Anyone’ can help in an emergency.
Red Cross promptly uploaded an image of blue gloves onto its Facebook page, calling on citizens to extend a helping hand and donate blood.
The EPD uploaded a picture of its mascot, ‘Big Waster’ (大嘥鬼), wearing a blue costume while saying “anyone” can reduce carbon emissions.
The Hong Kong Observatory (天文台) also had its mascot ‘Dr Tin’ (度天隊長) dressed in blue to promote its web page ‘World Weather Information’ on Facebook.
Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer Alex Wong Ying-keung (助理救護總長黃英強) said ‘Anyone’ was created by his colleagues in the Ambulance Command Unit to promote the message that anyone can save lives by using first aid, and he was surprised by the character’s popularity.
The character has “no face, no gender and no features at all” because the department hopes it can represent anyone in society regardless of age, appearance, race or gender.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 14 November 2018)

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