Buskers seek park licences

ALMOST 400 people have signed up for a screening system that has been set up for buskers or performers who want to perform in parks managed by the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority. The system will ensure the performers “can really perform”, according to the authority.
Louis Yu Kwok-lit, the authority’s executive director of performing arts, (表演藝術行政總監茹國烈) said more people are expected to sign up as the facilities in the district open in phases.
Under the Street Performance Scheme (街頭表演計劃) that started in August 2015, people are required to submit an application and conduct a live demonstration of their performance for at least five minutes.
If they are approved, they will get a permit to play in various places in the district, including the Art Park (藝術公園). The permit fee is HK$100 and is valid for a year.
“If you come to our Freespace Happening (自由約) on 14 October, you will see street performers at our events too,” Yu said. Held at the Art Park, Freespace Happening will feature live music and traditional dancing with a Korean influence.
“In the future, when Freespace (自由空間) and the restaurants are both open, there will be more people registered. And we are running the only street performance scheme in Hong Kong. In Mong Kok, there is no scheme, so it’s all chaotic,” Yu said.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 08 October 2018)

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