Strict drone rules proposed

STRINGENT requirements – including registration, insurance and users being trained and licensed – were listed in a consultation paper governing the use of drones. The public have three months – until 3 July – to comment.
A Civil Aviation Department (民航處) spokesman said: “New and specifi c legislation will be needed to keep up with the current situation, as well as the future development of unmanned aircraft systems – UAS –operations.”
That was in response to calls for the government to review existing regulations, which are considered rudimentary and unable to cope with the regulatory challenges brought by technological advancements and the proliferation of UAS over the years.
Experts proposed six major suggestions in the report, including an online registration of those who possess drones that are heavier than 250 grams.
Drone owners would need to provide personal details, including their names, phone numbers, information and a picture of their drones for registration. They would also be required to put a registration number on their drones.
The report also proposed to classify drones into three categories based on risk level, with those heavier than 25 kilograms in the highest level while those lighter than 250 grams would not need to be licensed.
A lawmaker also urged for a review of laws regarding drones and privacy, which he said were outdated.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 12 April 2018)

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