Poll: Youths optimistic on life

HONG Kong students are determined to work in their dream jobs and live a fulfilling life, rather than work like ‘slaves’ to own material things like an apartment, according to a survey.
The Senior Citizens Home Safety Association (長者安居協會) collected opinions from about 23,000 local secondary and university students at its Life Journey Centre (生命‧歷情」體驗館).
More than 40 percent said a successful life means doing what they want, while only 5 percent seek to live a rich and famous lifestyle. A mere 4 percent were worried about not having enough money and no housing. In addition, 74 percent believe they should pursue the meaning of life or chase their dreams, while less than 10 percent stressed the need for money and fame.
About 40 percent of students think the most important decision in their life is choosing a suitable career, while nearly 80 percent feel that pursuing their dreams and living a satisfying life are the factors that should determine their careers.
Association chief executive Irene Leung Sukyee (梁淑儀) said the results indicate SAR students generally hold a positive attitude towards life, and are not negative and pessimistic as some may think.
She urged different sectors of society to put more resources into inspiring students to find their life direction. Apart from realising their dream life, they should also care about people and things happening around them.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 22 January 2018)

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