Power bill to rise 1.9 percent

HOUSEHOLDS across the SAR will have to pay 1.9 percent more for their electricity starting 2018. Hongkong Electric will charge 112.5 cents per unit, up from 110.4 cents, while CLP Power will charge 115.4 cents per unit, up from 113.2 cents.
HK Electric said the tariff adjustment is mainly because the special fuel rebate will be reduced, which is not strongly related to its operating environment. CLP Power said the higher tariff is due to the increase of fuel prices and operating costs.
Secretary for the Environment, Wong Kam-sing (環境局局長黃錦星), said, “In general, we adjusted the electricity tariff based on the scheme of control agreement. Hong Kong is in a state of transformation, with cleaner fuel for power generation. These will put pressure on electricity charges.”
Lawmakers and green groups feared that the electricity tariff could increase even more in the future due to the demand to use more natural gas instead of coal. However, Wong said the new scheme of control agreements will reduce the permitted rate of return. “This will help to strike a balance on the overall situation,” he said.
Green group 350HK said the 1.9 percent tariff increase was moderate and was expected, though warned that future increases could be substantial. Greenpeace (綠色和平) suggested the government should promote energy saving more.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 02 January 2018)

Tariff adjustment background
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