HK woman conquers Mt Everest

ADA Tsang Yin-hung (曾燕紅), the first Hong Kong woman to have conquered Mount Everest and who arrived back in Hong Kong on Sunday, said she felt “close to death” during her expedition.

“There were bodies on the way. I sometimes also heard of sherpas (夏爾巴人) reporting missing persons, or mountaineers having to cut their limbs off because of frostbite,” Tsang told the administrator of her blog. “It made me feel very close to death.”

Catharine Leung, Tsang’s student and the blog’s administrator, said it took quite some time for Tsang to get settled. “Tsang got a headache after coming down from the high altitude,” Leung said, adding Tsang needed proper rest.

The former secondary school teacher said she felt very happy and emotional for completing what she had promised her former students seven years ago. She is planning to meet with the students, take them hiking and tell them about her experience and feelings.

Tsang’s accomplishment came after two previous attempts were halted by deadly avalanches in 2014 and 2015 during which she suffered a fractured skull.

Tsang and Elton Ng Chun-ting (吳俊霆), who made it to the summit with her, both arrived in Kathmandu (加 德滿都), the capital of Nepal (尼泊爾), on May 23 by helicopter.

Ng said: “I have not had a shower for almost two months.” The physiotherapist encouraged Hongkongers to “chase their dreams”.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 31 May 2017)

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