Fancy a trip to Mars?

Man first landed on the moon in 1969. Now humans are trying to reach our closest planet – Mars. Can we succeed?

HUMANS have launched many probes and rovers to Mars, to see what the planet looks like up close. These spacecraft have sent back a lot of photos and data. Based on the information, the Hong Kong Science Museum (香港科學館) and National Geographic Channel have jointly organised an exhibition to offer visitors a virtual trip to the Red Planet, as Mars is often referred to. The experience has three phases – initiation, preparation and arrival.


THROUGH the use of audiovisual clips and interactive exhibits, you can see how technology and knowledge made it possible to send spacecraft to Mars. You can learn how computers and robotics advanced since mankind first looked up at the stars thousands of years ago.


HERE you are introduced to Mars. There are photos and data about the planet. You can see how astronauts train for space missions. There is also a mock-up of a habitat unit that shows what it would be like to live on Mars.


THIS area provides a virtual reality system that takes you through space and on to Mars. While wearing the headset, you can take your first steps on the planet.

Exhibition details

Venue: Main Lobby, Hong Kong Science Museum
Location: 2 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East
Admission: Free
Opening Hours:
Monday to Wednesday, Friday:10am-7pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays:10am-9pm
Closed on Thursdays (except public holidays)