The remark that launched a career

Animation artist Davy Liu has worked for Disney and Warner Bros. During a talk at St Stephen’s College Preparatory School, he showed students how they can follow their dreams.

JUST one compliment at the right time can change a child’s life. Davy Liu knows this is true because it happened to him. Born and raised in Taiwan, Liu liked drawing too much to focus on his studies, and his grades suffered. When he was 13 his parents sent him to the US. There he met his art teacher Poppy Kincaid, who recognised his artistic talent and told him: “You can do it!” She sent one of his works to the National Scholastic Art Competition. Liu’s piece was ranked in the Top 20 and he received a letter from the US president. After high school, the young Taiwanese went to the Ringling College of Art & Design in Florida.

A diamond needs more attention

LIU found on his speaking tour that many youngsters do not have dreams. Most parents simply ask their children to get good grades so they can get a stable job. This means youngsters do not feel motivated, because they are simply obeying their parents. They do not experience the joy of learning either.

After studying in both the East and the West, Liu feels that education in the West is more diverse and focuses on inspiring students. It gives student more opportunities to learn about themselves. In the East, parents want their kids to conform and not develop their talents. Liu encourages parents to help their children fi nd their dreams. “Don’t treat a diamond like a glass bead; diamonds need to be cultivated from the beginning, and they are unique.”