Separatists get warning

THE director of Beijing’s liaison office in Hong Kong said it would be a breach of the one country, two systems principle if separatists were allowed to use the Legislative Council (立法) election as a platform to promote their ideas.

Speaking at a meeting of the National Day (國慶) celebrations organising committee, Zhang Xiaoming (張曉明), said: “If independence advocates are allowed to register, turn their campaign into a process to agitate for independence, and even blatantly enter Hong Kong’s legislature, does it comply with ‘one country, two systems?’ Does it comply with the Basic Law (基本)? Does it comply with the rule of law?”

Zhang said the central government has no wish to “mainlandise” Hong Kong or turn it into another Shanghai (上海), Guangzhou (廣州) or Shenzhen (深圳).

He called for patience in the face of challenges arising from the one country, two systems principle and urged people to respect and understand the differences between the SAR and the mainland.

Zhang made the comments after pan-democrats said they would not sign a new confirmation form - issued by the Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC, 選舉管理委員) - on which candidates confirm their support for “one country, two systems”.

In a separate event, Chief Secretary for Administration (政務司司) Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor (林鄭月) said the measure by the EAC is a reaction to independence calls, which are against the Basic Law.

“Obviously there are some people violating ‘one country, two systems’ and the Basic Law. These people are agitating for Hong Kong independence, and use this call for their Legco campaign,” she said.

(This article is published on Sing Tao Daily on 28 July 2016)

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