Lam faces tougher action

MAINLAND officials have told a Hong Kong delegation that bookseller Lam Wing-kee (林榮) jumped bail and may face tougher legal action if he refuses to return.

Ministry of Public Security (公安) officials explained Lam’s case during a meeting in Beijing () with Hong Kong Secretary for Justice (律政司司) Rimsky Yuen Kwok-keung (袁國) and Secretary for Security (保安局局) Lai Tung-kwok (黎棟) to discuss the cross-border notification mechanism.

They also showed the SAR delegates a 15-minute video of Lam’s alleged confession of how he smuggled banned books into the mainland.

Lam, 61, returned to Hong Kong last month, and claimed in an explosive press conference that he was taken away by mainland authorities and held for eight months.

In a statement issued to the media while the Beijing meeting was taking place, Ningbo () public security officials said Lam may face tougher legal action if he continued to remain in Hong Kong. They added that he was released on bail for personal reasons.

In the video, Lam said the books sold by Causeway Bay Books (銅鑼灣書) were fake.

“They are all provocative books, with some titles saying the Chinese economy would collapse in 2016,” Lam said.

He criticised publisher Michael Gui Minhai (桂敏), who is still being detained in the mainland,for publishing vulgar books by collating information from the internet, magazine and news reports.

Lam said he started mailing books to the mainland in 2013, after titles he brought with him to China were confiscated by Customs in September 2012.

(This article is published on The Student Standard on 12 June 2016)

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