What mums want to hear the most

IT is not ‘I love you Mum’ that women like to hear most on Mother’s Day.

Instead, ‘take care and have a good rest’ is the sweetest music to their ears, according to a family survey.

The Sun Hung Kai Properties’ SHKP Club polled more than 1,000 residents aged 15 and above between January and March. The purpose was to find out what people think are the best ways to communicate and get along with their families.

Instead of ‘I love you’, it found 44 percent of mothers prefer children to ask about their health while 25 percent want their hard work to be acknowledged.

‘How are you today? I miss you so much!’ is the line that 24 percent of mothers would like to hear from their kids on Mother’s Day.

They expect something similar from their husbands, with 36 percent saying their favourite thing to hear is ‘thanks for your hard work, get some rest’.

Conversely, 41 percent of mothers do not want their children to be unresponsive to them.

Wong King-lai, social work consultant of the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, said: “It may be hard for traditional Chinese to express their love to mothers verbally. Why not do it through mobile apps or e-cards?”

Clinical psychologist Vivian Siu Ho-yee noted that an increasing number of working mothers meant they face a greater deal of stress.

Wong said the government can support working mothers by implementing more measures that are family-friendly.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 10 May 2016)

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