Battery blast forces MTR riders to flee

A BATTERY exploded on an MTR train, injuring the man it belonged to and causing the evacuation of 600 passengers.

The blast caused panic and filled two carriages with smoke at Sham Shui Po station.

A man, surnamed Lam, put a dozen batteries in a wooden box that he then placed on the back seat of his bicycle to which was attached a music system. The box exploded after he attempted to steady it with his hand when the train was nearing Sham Shui Po at about 2.45pm.

A passenger on the train emergency system told the driver smoke was coming from the belongings of a passenger.

The driver contacted the operations control centre. Police, and firefighters were called.

At Sham Shui Po, smoke was detected in two carriages and MTR staff evacuated 600 passengers. The train was driven to Admiralty for further inspection. Passengers took the next train after services were disrupted for three to four minutes.

Lam injured his left index finger, but refused to be taken to hospital.

An MTR Corp Ltd spokesman said the man might be prosecuted for breach of MTR bylaws.

Ron Hui Shu-yuen, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Hong Kong, said the explosion may have been caused by a short circuit of the batteries.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 10 May 2016)

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