Glow sticks harm the environment
Glow sticks harm the environment

IF you celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) last week, you might have played with glow sticks. But environmental groups warn that they are a big source of rubbish and pose a risk to children and the environment.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (康樂及文化事務) said revellers left more than 60 tons of rubbish at public parks and beaches during the festival. Although it is less than last year’s 86 tons, it is still an enormous amount. Green groups estimate that most of the rubbish was glow sticks.

A spokesman for Green Power (綠色力量) said that glow sticks contain glass debris and toxic chemicals that cannot
be recycled. The group said more than 30 million sticks were dumped last year. Green Sense’s (環保觸覺) spokesperson said it is more environmentally friendly to use candles than glow sticks.