Pink dolphins disappearing from Hong Kong
Pink dolphins disappearing from Hong Kong

THE number of rare Chinese white dolphins in Hong Kong waters has fallen to its lowest level in ten years.

Conservationists have warned the government about the trend and urged it to immediately create more protected areas for the precious dolphins.

Chinese white dolphins are also called pink dolphins because of their pink skin. The number of pink dolphins has fallen from about 158 in 2003 to only 61 in 2012, according to the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society.

“They will slowly disappear if we don’t do anything now,” society chairman Samuel Hung said. “We are very worried that the dolphin numbers will keep dropping and will never recover.”

The group blamed the big decrease in numbers on construction and land reclamation work for a bridge nearby. Other construction projects, including proposals for a third runway at Hong Kong International Airport on Lantau Island will also threaten Chinese white dolphins in Hong Kong.

Cathy Wong