Now thats a Smarch!
Now thats a Smarch!

IS it a phone or a watch? A group of young inventors say you can have both in one gadget! A group of university students from India has beaten high tech giants such as Apple, Google and Sony to launch the first smartwatch.

The device called Androidly is the first fully-functioning smartwatch. You can use the watch to make phone calls and send texts. It also comes with Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and a camera built in.

Androidly is the brainchild of four teenagers from India. Sukant, one of the inventors, said their idea was thought up over a dinner by the team. He remembered how Pavneet’s (another member of the team) hand was dripping with curry and could not reach for his phone to check his email. The team was then inspired to make a convenient gadget to go around their wrists.

The device can be ordered from the Androidly website. It costs about HK$1,750.

Cathy Wong