Swedish meatballs not Swedish
Swedish meatballs not Swedish

ALTHOUGH many people see Swedish (瑞典的) meatballs as a traditional Swedish snack, the official twitter account of the Swedish government tweeted in early May that Swedish meatballs are actually from Turkey (土耳其).
The Swedish government explained that the meatball recipe was brought from Turkey during the 18th century, by the Swedish king back then, Charles XII, who also brought coffee beans to Sweden.
The tweet immediately went viral, first amongst citizens in the two countries, then all over the world. One Swede complained that his “whole life was a lie”. But there are also those who point out that since the Turkish meatballs use beef and lamb, whereas the Swedish ones often use pork, the meatballs are different.

(This article is published on Goodies on 16 May 2018)