Hopes of greater bay integration
Hopes of greater bay integration

GUANGDONG provincial chief Ma Xingrui (廣東省省長馬興瑞) said the province could remove barriers to enhance the cooperation of Hong Kong and the mainland in the ‘Dawan’ Greater Bay Area (大灣區).
For example, he said Hong Kong and Macau students may be allowed to work in Guangdong without applying for work permits.
At the Boao Forum (博鰲亞洲論壇), Ma said that there are not that many vehicles in Hong Kong and Macau, and he did not mind people from both regions taking their cars all the way to Guangdong.
Ma said the bay area’s economic capacity is comparable to the New York Bay area, and it will be home to dozens of multinational firms among the world’s top 500 corporations.
Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said at the forum that the Greater Bay Area has grown into a project of national strategic development and the SAR will make major contributions in terms of innovation and connection.
She said ‘one country, two systems’ is a unique advantage of the bay area, which creates a two-way platform for international corporations to enter the Chinese market while helping Chinese corporations get into the global market.
She said transportation between Hong Kong and the mainland will be much more convenient soon and Hongkongers will be able to travel to the bay area in one hour.

(This article is published on Junior Standard on 17 April 2018)

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