New giant panda born at Tokyo zoo
New giant panda born at Tokyo zoo

AGIANT panda cub was born to Shin Shin in Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan (日本東京都上野動物園) on 12 June. It is the first panda cub in the zoo in five years. The cub, sex unknown, weighs about 150 grams and is making loud noises, showing off a set of healthy lungs. Giant panda cubs are born pink and tiny when compared to the size of adult giant pandas.

The cub’s father, Ri Ri, and Shin Shin had another cub five years ago, but it died after six days. Shin Shin was discovered to be pregnant again in mid-May this year. When she looked ready to give birth, staff began monitoring her whole day starting 11 June.

Tokyo’s governor Yuriko Koike said she is very happy about the new giant panda cub and there will be a naming contest for it. She hopes everyone will try to think of a great name for the cub.

(This article is published on Goodies on 21 June 2017)