PolyU student creates pills with cute packaging
PolyU student creates pills with cute packaging

PARENTS everywhere know how hard it is to get children to take medicine. A Hong Kong Polytechnic University (香港理工大學) communication design student, Lam Heung-ping (林向平), has created new packaging for children’s medicine with animal designs. Her work was displayed in the PolyU Design Annual Show 2017.

Lam, who is an arts class instructor on top of being a student at PolyU, saw that her students all like animals so she designed sick animals for the packaging, eg, a bird with a sore throat for throat lozenges. She also put four-panel comics and stickers inside the boxes of the medicines.

Lam also followed a ‘user-first’ principle. She put the usage instructions, etc, at a more prominent location on the box instead of showing the medicine brand. She also redesigned the liquid medicine bottles because medicine spills easily. After studying bottles used for thicker liquids like ketchup, she found a way for liquid medicine to come out slower.

(This article is published on Goodies on 21 June 2017)