To Kwa Wan Station to display Song & Yuan wells
To Kwa Wan Station to display Song & Yuan wells

BACK in 2014, an MTR construction crew discovered artefacts and six wells from the Song and Yuan Dynasties while it was digging to build To Kwa Wan Station (土瓜灣站). After much discussion from the public and recommendations from the Antiquities Advisory Board (古物諮詢委員會), the MTR has decided to build around one of the wells and set aside an area to show these artefacts and one other well in the station.

The station will now be longer and the air vents will be moved. The artefacts will be displayed in two cabinets, one seven metres long and the other 15m long. The MTR will build a concrete trough under the well, but part of the trough’s bottom will be glass, so that passengers going through the station can see the well.

The MTR said using glass will pose some difficulties, as it has to make sure water will not seep through. The well will be moved during construction and placed back in its original location after the station is completed.

(This article is published on Goodies on 14 June 2017)