High sugar levels in yogurt discovered
High sugar levels in yogurt discovered

YOGHURT is viewed as a healthy snack, since it has probiotics, proteins and calcium. But some brands of yoghurt have free sugar (sugar added by manufacturers) and might cause obesity or tooth decay. The Consumer Council (消費者委員會) checked the nutrition labels of 45 kinds of pre-packaged yoghurt.

The Council discovered that plain yoghurt with sugar has the highest sugar level. A cup of Fage’s ‘Total Zero Percent Fat Free Greek Recipe Strained Yoghurt with Honey’ has 32g of sugar, which is the same as eating 13 sugar cubes. The sample with the least sugar is strawberry-flavoured Pastoret yoghurt. A 124g cup only has 4.1g of sugar.

The Council recommends that the makers or distributors mark down how much added sugar there is to the nutrition label, so that consumers will not eat too much sugar. It also recommends that consumers study the label carefully and buy yoghurts that have lower fat and sugar levels.

(This article is published on Goodies on 26 April 2017)