No soil needed to grow vegetables
No soil needed to grow vegetables

THE government, with the help of the Vegetable Marketing Organisation (VMO, 蔬菜統營處), has grown four species of vegetables through hydroponics (a method of growing plants without soil): the watercress seedling (西洋菜苗), ice plant (冰菜), broccoli seedling (西蘭花苗) and red komatsuna seedling (小松菜).

Ice plants are rich in minerals and vitamins, and can lower fat, blood sugar and cholesterol. The remaining three species can be harvested quickly and are rich in nutrients.

VMO consultant Chan Siu-lun (陳兆麟) said hydroponic farms can grow vegetables all year long. Hong Kong has 24 hydroponic farms, which produce 2.2 tonnes of vegetables.

(This article is published on Goodies on 20 March 2017)