Pride of Hong Kong goes on display
Pride of Hong Kong goes on display

LAST year, the B-KOO Inspiration (香港起飛), a small aeroplane built entirely in Hong Kong, was flown around the world by pilot Hank Cheng (鄭楚衡). The plane is now the centrepiece of an exhibition called Inspiration – Dreams Come True (香港起飛.夢成真) at the Hong Kong Science Museum (香港科學館).

Apart from the plane itself, visitors can see the flight logs and items used by Cheng during the three-month journey. Also on show are the assembly tools used to build the plane, aircraft parts, flight instruments and equipment, and emergency kits. Some of the exhibits are interactive.

Inspiration flew nearly 50,000 kilometres and passed through 20 countries. It returned to Hong Kong in mid-November last year, and was put in a hangar for a few months before being displayed at the exhibition, which runs until 19 April.

Cheng and his team of flying enthusiasts took eight years to organise everything, from planning to flying the plane around the world.

(This article is published on Goodies on 15 February 2017)