Warning over harmful erasers
Warning over harmful erasers

THE Consumer Council has found that only one of 25 types of erasers it tested did not have plasticisers, a substance which make erasers softer and more elastic but is harmful to health. Under the test, which used Taiwanese standards, the other erasers had between one and three types of plasticisers.

According to the Taiwanese Standards Bureau, plasticisers may change the way a child’s hormone system works. Boys’ bodies may develop female characteristics and the risk of breast cancer in girls increases. Experts in Jiangsu Province in the mainland also warn that plasticisers may cause early puberty in girls.

The council said people need not throw away erasers that have plasticisers. They can use them as normal but they should keep the paper protective layer in place, and not let the erasers touch their skin. Children should not lick, suck or bite the erasers.

(This article is published on Goodies on 26 October 2016)