The funny side of life in the wild
The funny side of life in the wild

WHEN our pets do silly things, we usually take a photo and post it online. But animals in the wild can be equally silly, too. We just do not realise it because no one was there to take a picture. Well, not until recently. The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is back, and the images from photographers who made it to the finals are all hilarious.

There are some rules in the competition: the photos must combine “technical excellence” and funniness; and the photos cannot be of “pets,domestic, farm or captive animals”, ie, they have to be of animals in the wild.

The competition was founded last year by Paul Joynson-Hicks, a renowned wildlife photographer, to help conservation efforts by promoting the preciousness of wildlife. It is also connected to a foundation started by actors who starred in the classic film Born Free.

There are quite a number of wildlife photography awards, but this is the only one meant to be funny. This year’s competition is closed but to check out photos from the 2015 contest, go to the website ( and take a look at the gallery of pictures.