Bride in wedding gown saves a woman's life

CPR is a common procedure to do on people who are unconscious. While it may be common for a nurse to perform it, it is not
common at all for a bride to perform it on a stranger on the street, even if the bride happens to also be a nurse. But that was
exactly what happened early this month in the city of Pittsburgh (匹茲堡), the US.

Julie Stroyne is a trauma nurse at a medical centre. While walking down the streets in Pittsburgh after her wedding, she and
others from her wedding party saw a woman who had fainted and was lying unconscious. Without thinking, she immediately
went over and did CPR on the woman.

Others called emergency services. When the medical helpers arrived, the bride immediately left. She did not know the woman’s
name or who she was. She just did what she believed is right. Stroyne said there is no time off for a nurse.

(This article is published on Goodies on 22 June 2016)