Games for wounded servicemen a big success
Games for wounded servicemen a big success

A SPECIAL sports event called the Invictus Games (「不可征服運動會」) was held recently in Orlando (奧蘭多), Florida (佛羅里達州) in the United States. It was very successful with many soldiers participating in it.

Prince Harry (哈里王子) of the United Kingdom (英國) helped start the first Invictus Games two years ago in London (倫敦), after being inspired by the Warrior Games held by the US.

The Games are similar to the Olympics (奧運會) or the Paralympics (傷殘奧運會), except that the competitors are all soldiers, and almost all of them were wounded from wars. The Games are designed to help soldiers cope with and heal from their challenges.

Next year, the Invictus Games will be held in Toronto (多倫多), Canada.

(This article is published on Goodies on 25 May 2016)