Ex security chief’s account hacked
Ex security chief’s account hacked

FORMER Secretary for Security (保安局局長 ) Regina Ip Lau Suk-yi (葉劉淑儀) says hackers have taken US$65,000 (HK$505,000) from her Swiss (瑞士的) bank account after accessing her email account and finding her signature.

Ip admits she was tardy about protecting herself as there was a warning. Still, the New People’s Party (新民黨) legislator and Executive Council (行政會議) member will not lose money as the bank is said to have accepted there was neglect on its part.

The bank approved a transfer of the funds but was suspicious when an email sought a second. Ip learned she was a victim when the bank sought confirmation.

It was during the Executive Council meeting on 3 February that a staff member from the bank called to say he had “helped me transfer a sum of money”. Ip told him there was no such request, which led to the finding that her account had been accessed and signature forged.

She believes the hacking was related to an email about two weeks ago, supposedly from Wharf (九龍倉) director Raymond Ch’ien Kuo-fung (錢果豐), who had contacted to say that his email had been hacked.

Hackers may then have tapped into her previous email correspondence with the bank, including instructions to send payments to the United States (美國) for her daughter’s education fees.

Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok (黎棟國) said police are on the case, and there is much concern about cyber crime.

(The Standard, 6 February 2015)