Indian agencies claim ‘asylum visa’ will land HK jobs
Indian agencies claim ‘asylum visa’ will land HK jobs

JOB agencies in India are said to be misleading job seekers that they can work under ‘asylum visas’ in Hong Kong.

The agencies put up advertisements on various social media and websites, saying that these visas would let the applicants legally work here.

They offer one-stop services, helping customers prepare documents for applications, book air tickets and get travel visas.

Some claim they will even send a representative to accompany applicants to Hong Kong.

Applicants were charged a fee of about HK$37,000 to HK$62,000.

The ads claim ‘asylum seekers’ may work legally in Hong Kong and be protected by local employment laws.

Agencies told undercover reporters that once customers paid 370,000 rupees (HK$44,000) -- a clerk’s five-year salary in the country -- they would be arranged a two-year job in Hong Kong.

They can earn a monthly income of HK$3,000 to HK$6,000 as waiters, security guards or doing odd jobs at construction sites, which is at least four times what lowincome people earn in India.

An agent in New Delhi (新德里) said there are “actual arrangements” to ensure clients will not be denied entry into Hong Kong.

Job seekers are asked to mail their passports and photos to agencies and pay by bank transfer, and do not need to meet the agents in person.

There are also companies offering fake certificates on the job-hunting websites.

(The Standard, 5 October, 2015)