Huge rush for strict tuition courses

WHILE many families were still asleep at 6am on Sunday, hundreds of parents were queueing at a Sha Tin (沙田) tuition centre to enrol their precious ones for summer classes.

About 500 to 700 parents queued up at the headquarters of ACME Learning Centre (致臻研習社) at Citimark (都會廣場) for the classes that start in mid-July.

At HK$3,000 for Chinese, English and Maths classes, parents are attracted by the ‘unique and spartan’ training the centre has been offering since the 1990s.

For secondary school children, the centre provides tutorial classes in Chinese, English, Maths, Extended Maths (modules 1 and 2), Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Primary school children are offered Chinese, English, Maths and General Studies. The centre’s website later announced that all 234 courses ─ 136 secondary and 98 primary ─ are full.

If each class had signed up eight students, the centre could have enrolled at least 1,872 students in the one-off admission exercise. Parents believe ACME can provide unique education for their children.

A father, surnamed Chu, said: “Children can learn something which they cannot learn in normal schools. They also learn discipline.”

A primary teacher at a school nearby said students will do their ACME homework during recess to avoid late submission, but submit their homework late at his school. “If students do not learn properly, they cannot leave the centre, even at 8pm or 9pm.”

(The Standard, 18 May 2015)