Poo-powered bus hits UK roads

MAYBE a new form of public transport launched in Britain (英國) should be named ‘poo-blic’ transport! The UK’s first bus powered entirely by poo and food waste has hit the road recently. Called the Bio-Bus, it is a shuttle service between Bristol (布里斯托) Airport and the historical city of Bath (巴斯).

The Bio-Bus runs on a gas fuel called biomethane, which is generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste, including human and animal poo. The bus has 40 seats. The bus can travel up to 300 kilometres on one tank of biomethane, which is more than seven times the distance from Chai Wan (柴灣) to Tuen Mun (屯門). However, five people would take one year to produce enough poo to make one tank of fuel!