Canadian school bans homework
Canadian school bans homework

ALMOST all students dislike doing homework. A primary school in Quebec (魁北克省), Canada (加拿大) has probably made its students very happy because it is banning homework for a year!

Students in grades one to six at Collège de Saint-Ambroise will be part of an experiment to see if children do better or worse in school without homework.

A member of the school board in the region said that many families find it hard to fit homework into their daily schedule, especially if the children are in daycare before and after school.

Teachers will still be able to ask students to study and read at home. The school will also change the way students spend their time in class to make sure they do not fall behind in their studies.

In 2008, Prince of Wales Public School in Ontario (安大略省) tried a similar experiment. The school banned homework for a year – and found that the students actually did better!