Pay as you dispose We may be charged for the rubbish we throw away

DO you recycle as much as you could? Hongkongers throw away 1.7 million tons of rubbish every day. On average, every person throws away 1.27kg.

The government thinks this is too much. It is planning to cut the amount of rubbish each person in Hong Kong produces by 40 percent by 2022. One of the ways they plan to do this is to charge people for dumping waste.

At present, 48 percent of the city’s waste is recycled. The remaining 52 percent goes to the three landfills in Hong Kong. But they will all be full by 2020. This is why the government has a 10-year plan to cut waste. Every family may need to pay HK$30-40 every month for the rubbish they dump in 2016. Wong Kam-sing(黃錦星), Secretary for the Environment, said the government will learn from the examples of schemes in Taipei (台北) and South Korea (南韓) when they set up the policy.

Wong said Hong Kong does not have enough land, and cannot rely on landfills. The government is now planning to build an incinerator.

The government is also targeting kitchen waste. A spokesman for the government said it is difficult to recycle kitchen waste in Hong Kong. So he encourages us not to waste food.

Cathy Wong