Leaked oil taints Lamma beaches
Leaked oil taints Lamma beaches

DO you remember the plastic pellet disaster in Lamma Island (南丫島) last summer? Sadly the area is facing another pollution problem this summer. Last month, large areas of oil stains were spotted in Shek Pai Wan (石排灣).

According to green group Eco-education & Resources Centre (ERC, 生態教育及資源中心), much of the shingle beach there was tainted. Stones at Tung O Wan (東澳灣) nearby were affected too.

Ken Ching (程詩灝), Director of the group, is worried that any plastic pellets hidden at the bottom of the beach will be disturbed when government staff to shovel away the polluted sand. Marine animals will be put at great risk if they swallow the pellets.

Staff have been sent to clear the oil, according to a government spokesperson. He also said they would continue to investigate the source of the oil.

Janice Wong