Kids take in many tiny plastic pieces Bottled water gives more of it than from tap

CHILDREN are taking in nearly 40,000 tiny plastic pieces a year, according to a new scientific study. Researchers also found that grown-ups take in 50,000 of these so-called micro-beads in the same time. And if a person drinks only bottled water, that amount would rise to 130,000 beads.
Researchers studied data in 26 areas, including fish, shellfish, sugar, salt, beer, water and air in cities. They found that bottled water has 22 times as much micro-beads as tap water. This means if a person drinks tap water for a year, the amount of micro-beads taken in would be 4,000.
The head of the study, Kieran Cox, said that there is “a high exposure risk in terms of numbers. It could be a potential alarm call for sure.” Other sources have said that the micro-beads might be toxic, which means if they get into a person, they might cause a bad reaction.

(This article is published on Goodies on 19 June 2019)