Paper forest set up at Science Museum Goodall exhibition promotes conservation

THE Hong Kong Science Museum (香港科學館) has been holding an exhibition about jungle life and the premier ape scientist Jane Goodall since late May. A jungle and its animals were made with paper to teach children both about animals and conservation through many interactive features.
The show, Becoming Jane: Inspiring a Shared Planet (珍古德的叢林啟迪), marks Goodall’s study of primates in the Gombe forest in Tanzania (坦桑尼亞), 59 years ago.
Inside the paper forest, there are many paper animals, including a 3m-tall statue of the chimpanzee Golden at the entrance of the presentation. The exhibition will finish on 2 October and then tour other places, like Australia (澳洲).

(This article is published on Goodies on 17 June 2019)