EPD to collect some food waste for free 35 housing estates will be under pilot programme

THE Environmental Protection Department (EPD, 環保署) has announced that there will be some exceptions to the government’s scheme of charging fees for household waste. The EPD
will be collecting food waste from 35 private housing estates for free.
The 35 housing estates were chosen because they are already sorting and recycling their food waste. The EPD will be using the Siu Ho Wan (小蠔灣) recycling centre and the Tai Po
(大埔) sewage treatment plant to recycle their food waste. The two facilities can handle about 50 tonnes of food waste per day.
The housing estates include Pacific Palisades on Hong Kong Island (港島) and Lung Poon Court in Wong Tai Sin (黃大仙). The EPD has said that a similar plan will be set up in
public housing estates. The EPD said it also wants to accept food waste from the restaurant industry in the future.

(This article is published on Goodies on 08 May 2019)