Korean firm invents rice straws Can be eaten after used for drinking

IN an effort to be greener, the South Korean (南韓的) government is going to ban plastic utensils. A company there has created drinking straws made out of rice in response. These straws stay firm for two to three hours in hot drinks and even longer in iced drinks.
Since these straws are 70 percent rice and the remaining 30 percent made of cassava, they can be eaten after use. They supposedly taste like crunchy rice when eaten. They come in different colours, just like plastic straws.
The company makes 300 million straws every month. Their wholesale price is 15 South Korean Wons (HK$0.10). They are already selling well in South Korea, with over 100 local  Korean cafes and high-end hotels as buyers.

(This article is published on Goodies on 07 January 2019)