Firefly named after HK organ donor
Firefly named after HK organ donor

LAST year, a young woman in Hong Kong donated part of her liver to save someone else’s life. In February 2018, two entomologists discovered a new firefly species and named it after the organ donor, Momo Cheng Hoi-yan (鄭凱甄). The insect, Oculogryphus chenghoiyanae, is the first firefly species to be named after a Hongkonger.
The discovery was published in aninternational biology magazine, Zookeys, by authors Yiu Vor (饒戈), chair of the Hong Kong Entomological Society, and Jeng Ming-luen (鄭明倫), a researcher from the National Museum of Natural Science in Taiwan (台灣). The new insect is the first firefly species discovered that sends out light and fluorescence under ultraviolet light.
It is the fourth known firefly. The previous three came from museums.

(This article is published on Goodies on 07 March 2018)