Butterfly varieties sighted in Tai Lam The country park is a home for different species

A GREEN group released the results of a butterfly survey, which showed that Tai Lam Country Park (大欖郊野公園) alone has 127 species of butterflies. This is almost half of the butterfly species in Hong Kong, including two rarely-seen species. The group opposes the government developing the fringes in Tai Lam Country Park, saying that the government should develop nearby brownfield sites first.
Green Power surveyed the butterflies at 11 butterfly hotspots and recorded 172 species of butterflies. This is over 65 percent of the 265 butterfly species in Hong Kong. It is the first time Green Power has surveyed Tai Lam Country Park, where the group found nine very rare butterfly species.
The group also found out butterfly species decreasing by 10 to 30 percent in Luk Keng (鹿頸) and Pak Sha O (白沙澳).

(This article is published on Goodies on 01 November 2017)