Shenzhen schools accept HK-born kids

THE results of the P1 central allocation (小一統一派位) were revealed recently, and less than 68 percent of students got into their top three choices of schools. Many students who were born in Hong Kong but live in Shenzhen (深圳) were allocated to distant schools in Tung Chung (東涌), etc. As the Shenzhen government announced it will let Hong Kong-born children back into its system, many parents of such children have decided to take them to Shenzhen schools.

According to the government, there were more than 3,200 cross-border students who went through the central allocation process, while over 4,700 cross-border students applied to schools in Hong Kong. In the Northern District (北區), the places for P1 students dropped by seven percent.

Some mainland parents will still go to specific schools to directly apply there, but experts say as there are 200 to 300 students for four to six spots in each of those schools, their chances are slim. Next year, however, might be the end of such competition. As kids born in the Year of the Dragon finally enter school and births from‘doubly non-permanent residence pregnant women’ (雙非孕婦) lessen, the number of potential students might start falling.