Hong Kong waters a treasure trove of marine life

IN the first study about the city's marine biodiversity, the University of Hong Kong has found 5,943 oceanic species in the sea around us. This is equal to one-fourth of all marine species in China. But the researchers say there is room for improvement on protecting our marine life.

People call Hong Kong a concrete jungle but its waters have many organisms. About 20 are named after Hong Kong including a type of oyster called Crassostrea hongkongensis.

Hong Kong has many species because it is between the Pacific Ocean(太平洋) and the Inidian Ocean(印度洋) and is near the tropical zone. An online database called the Hong Kong Register of Marine Species (https://goo.gl/Njw3Wi) has more details.

(This article is published on Goodies on 9 January 2017)