Parents try to name daughter ‘Nutella’

HAVE you ever loved eating something so much you wanted to name someone after it? That is what happened in France (法國). Two parents there wanted to name their baby girl ‘Nutella’ after the sweet spread from Italy (意大利)! However, a court decided that the girl could not be called by this name as it will be against her interests. The judge even gave her a new name: drop the ‘nut’ part and simply call her ‘Ella’.

Nutella (能多益), pronounced ‘nuh-TELL-la’, is a sweetened spread made mainly of chocolate and hazelnut. But why is having the name ‘Nutella’ not good for the girl? The court said that with a popular food as her name, she will be laughed at by other kids.

Do not think that this is an isolated case. Many countries have ruled against using some words as names of people. For example, since 2001, courts in New Zealand (紐西蘭) have banned the use of words like ‘Justice’, ‘King’, ‘Princess’, ‘Prince’, ‘Judge’, ‘Lady’ and even the letter ‘J’ as names!