20-year-old elected as Member of Parliament

MAHIRI BLACK (布萊克) has become the youngest member of the British (英國的) parliament in 350 years! Mhairi (pronounced Mary) is just 20 years old and won the seat in the Paisley and Renfrewshire South (佩斯利及倫弗魯郡南部) constituency in Scotland (蘇格蘭). She represents the Scottish National Party (SNP, 蘇格蘭民族黨).

This was not an ordinary victory because the person Black defeated was Douglas Alexander (亞歷山大), the Labour Party’s (工黨) shadow foreign minister and electoral campaign chief. The constituency has been represented by Labour for 70 years.

Black is in her final year at the University of Glasgow (格拉斯哥大學) studying Politics and Public Policy. Her first political activities included protesting against the war on Iraq (伊拉克). Back at home, she witnessed first-hand the level of poverty and injustice prevalent in society, which inspired her to work for social justice.