1.5 million march for terror victims
1.5 million march for terror victims

ABOUT 1.5 million people and dozens of world leaders marched together through Paris (巴黎) last Saturday in a historic show of solidarity and defiance after terrorist attacks in the French (法國的) capital that claimed 17 lives.

French President Francois Hollande (奧朗德) and leaders including Israeli (以色列的) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (內塔尼亞胡) and Palestinian (巴勒斯坦的) president Mahmud Abbas (阿巴斯) marched at the front of the mammoth procession, which began near where gunmen killed 12 people at the office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo (《查理周刊》).

People broke into applause and spontaneous renditions of the national anthem, as a shell-shocked France mourned the victims of three days of bloody violence.

Emotions ran high in the city, with many of those marching bursting into tears as they came together under the banner of freedom of speech and liberty after France’s worst terrorist bloodbath in more than half a century.

The presence of Jewish leader Netanyahu and Muslim (伊斯蘭教的) leader Abbas’ was a stark demonstration of such unity, as they honoured victims that included four Jews (猶太人) at a kosher supermarket and a Muslim police officer.

US (美國) President Barack Obama (奧巴馬) was represented by Attorney General Eric Holder (霍爾德), who took part in an emergency meeting of interior ministers to discuss the threats from Islamic (伊斯蘭教的 ) extremism.

(AFP, 11 January 2015)